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Harmony of Taste is among the leaders in the market of suppliers of dairy and meat products. The company has been on the market for more than 17 years, so they know about sales and optimization systems of their own activity from hearsay. Entering the online world for Harmony of Taste was a pleasant collaboration with LF agency. Reworking the site, creating filters and cart there, adapting the logo – what was achieved during joint work. In the end, the client was satisfied.


Selling goods for the supplier company is a necessity. For many, offline sales is a convenient and effective way to do so, but without an online page with an assortment of products it is really difficult. At the time of the first communication with LF, there was already a site for “Harmony of Taste”, but it needed to be refined both aesthetically and functionally.

The LF team improved the website perfectly, making the design more modern and keeping the CMS (this was the client’s request). Thanks to the drawn elements, simple and readable sans-serif font, red and green accent colors, and professional product photos, the site is well remembered by customers when browsing, and functional filters and a shopping cart make staying on the site much more convenient.

Catalog of goods

The catalog, which LF agency specialists worked on, includes a list of clickable product photos, after switching to which you can not only order a desired product, but also find out its delivery date, weight, quantity and code.

The request window is a convenient way to contact the Harmony of Taste team if a buyer or producer needs more information. Stylish black color, shadows and a high-quality photo of the product leaves a pleasant impression on a user. Harmony of Taste was satisfied with the cooperation with LF and continues to place orders. The last of the tasks is the adaptation of the logo for the English-speaking part of the market. We believe that there will be more than one interaction ahead, both with the customer about whom you have just finished reading, and with you, if you dare to write to our team! We are waiting 🙂

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