Icaria is a Canadian company producing hemp oils with a wide range of effects: improving sleep, normalizing hormonal balance, fighting pain, stress, and anger. Before working together with the designers and creatives of LF, Icaria had only a concept, a name and a logo, but four years of interaction were extremely fruitful as corporate style, social media design, label and box designs, store stands and banners were created.

The owner of the company is extremely satisfied with the results, and LF is inspired to create designs for them!


The design of ICARIA is minimalistic and simple, but unique in its own way. The main components are fine lines that evoke different associations. For someone it can be waves, another person will see a landscape or a path to certain places. But there is a special emotion created by the flexibility and simplicity of the lines — a feeling of understanding and relaxation. And that’s what counts.

Calm colors, space and accent elements reflect the key idea of ​​the brand — the search for slowness, meaningfulness, and a sense of one’s own rhythm. The chosen minimalist style is not about the absence of certain elements, but about the presence of the most important of them.


According to the owner of the brand, the designers of LF agency understand everything and live up to the expectations that are placed on them. With every year of interaction, confidence and mutual understanding only deepens.

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