LF is happy to take on unique cases and find quality solutions. Creating a logo and an emotional sticker pack at the request of a financial organization is both interesting and challenging. After all, an investment fund to help businesses must maintain a business face, while at the same time becoming closer and more understandable to its target audience.


The name of the investment fund is a metaphor for the word “cabbage”, which implies the concept of “money”. That is, the fund, by its very name, prepares clients for simpler, less formal interaction. LF specialists took this attitude as a basis, playing on the green color, on the basis of which money is associated with cabbage, and developing it in the embodied logo. The logo, at first glance, is simple to implement and draw, it is both a text and an icon at the same time, because the last letter “a” is an illustration of a literal cabbage 🙂

The customer appreciated the creativity of LF.agency designers.

Separation of the logo into warehouses during the creation of products is not a frequent choice of the customer. “kapusta”, on the other hand, is not afraid of experiments, and LF designers support the customer’s mood!

Stickers are a great and inexpensive solution for a company to stay noticed. Especially when it comes to stickers that create a relaxed mood. Settings for easy interaction both within the company and with the client.

It was important to the “kapusta” customer that any product created with an identity should be memorable and show the company’s attitude to non-standard solutions. LF successfully fulfilled the request.


Communication and its methods do not stand still. Emojis, stickers (regular and animated), GIFs are something that can be used not only in personal correspondence, but also at the company level. A sticker sometimes conveys a wider range of emotions than simple text and is read faster. Animated stickers with a company character are a great solution if the company wants to make communication closer to the client.

The stickers that LF created for “kapusta” are easy to read due to their literalness and are not overloaded with images. This lets the client understand that the company keeps up with the times and communicates in an understandable language. The customer’s expectations were exceeded. This is the favorite part of communication for LF.agency specialists.

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