The company-supplier of imported agricultural machinery “PartnerAgro” applied for the development of corporate style, updating of the logo and development of printing design. The need for updating the style was high, because the company, occupying a leading position in the market and working for more than 10 years, wanted not only to perform quality work, but also move with the times.

Solving Decision

To update the corporate style of the customer, LF agency specialists selected a life-affirming green color that corresponds to the company’s activities. The logo was an image of three fields and an inscription with the name of the company. The fonts were chosen to be simple and easy to read, without serifs. This made it possible to modernize the design, making it associatively close to the agricultural sphere and not overloaded with details. The customer company remains satisfied and LF is ready for new challenges and orders together!

The location of elements on products is an opportunity to profitably declare yourself, communicate with the audience using images. Logos, fonts, colors must be adapted for each new product that the company creates.

Business cards, flyers, notebooks, letterheads – what LF designers developed with an understanding of what the result of visual communication should be.

Requests to create polygraphy for “PartnerAgro” have been fulfilled many times and will be fulfilled in the future.

It is important that the corporate style works not only externally, for communication between the company and the client, but also internally. Forming a clear idea of the employees about what “PartnerAgro” is and how they interact.


Mockup, that is, a detailed product prototype, is an indispensable tool in preparation for the final creation of a product. LogoFactory creates mockups so that the customer company can see the final result (location of text, images, proportions relative to the product) and make an order according to their own tastes and needs.

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