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Quizzyco is a testing system that can be used for educational institutions, business needs or personal purposes. The LF team developed an effective userflow (the client’s path through the site) and a bright design for Quizzyco: from the signup screen to the personal account with statistics.

Working with the attention of the user considering the UI/UX design is not easy, but is a favorite part of our job. We also love feedback from satisfied customers. This is the way it worked out this time 😉


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Taking the tests

The most important part of the test platform is the actual taking of the tests. The user spends the longest time on this section of the website, so LF specialists made it as convenient to use as possible.

In order for the user to be able to concentrate for a long time and for the background image to not create additional pressure, a landscape background with open space was chosen. The design is based on warm colors that best complement each other. The sans-serif font, rounded edges of pop up windows and elements, harmonious color scheme and clear interface allow the user to feel comfortable even when sitting in front of the screen for a long time.

View statistics

Visuals are an important part of every website, but functionality is just as important. So a Quizzyco user can not only create or take tests, but also look at the results of the tests in groups. An integral part of the platform for teachers, lecturers or those involved in business testing.

When creating a site, it is important to consider the entire audience interested in using the platform. The LF team succeeded in this in partnership with Quizzyco, and we are ready to repeat our own success. We are waiting for your message!

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