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Wow is a mobile application that allows you to watch your favorite movies, videos and listen to music anytime and anywhere. Convenient filters by genre, year, popularity, etc. help in finding what one wants. LF worked on the redesign of the app and did a great job! This is evidenced by the feedback of the customer and the chest of designs, which we are happy to share.

The base for the redesign for the LF team was the logo. This is the only thing that has remained unchanged from the previous design of the app. Color palette, font selection, style formation, in particular based on the logo is our work!

Google Sans
Regular - Medium
12pt - 22pt

Watching movies, series, videos and even listening to movie soundtracks is possible in Wow. In order for different age categories of users to easily navigate the program interface, the LF team focused on intuitive design. The color distribution of recommendation strips and monochrome headings are convenient for quickly finding what you want to watch.


Music is an integral part of the Wow mobile application. The visual solution allows not only to choose a track from the list, but also to see the visual design of the tracks. A great solution for those for whom not only the sound design is important in music, but also the cover. The list, in turn, allows you to choose quickly and conveniently.


The app feed, which reminds the user of the YouTube one, allows to figure out how to use it without unnecessary explanations. A cover image, title, description, and timing are all that’s needed for a user to select a video. The menu bar allows to quickly return to the required section.

Subscription plans

Briefly, clearly and in a few clicks one can choose the desired subscription, change profile information and check which of the plans they are subscribed to. Minimalistic color solutions do not overload the program screen.

Sign In page

It is convenient to register by using both direct registration in the program and Google or Facebook registration. The warm colors of the design encourage the user to finish the sign up process 🙂

Create your playlist

For those who know what they need in the program, it is possible to choose their own order of songs, sort them by mood or reason for listening.

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